Monday, February 8, 2016

So much more to this life.

People in this world has become so obsessed with themselves they have forgotten how to ask what it's all for.   What is the meaning of life?  Are we doomed to the bleak and depressing pursuit of our own causes?  People hear "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," and never wonder or search for the answer of what happiness is.

Is it any wonder the drug epidemic,  suicide/euthanasia pandemic, the abortion humiliation is permeating our society in which the self is the center of our lives?  People are looking for the answer to the question of their existence in themselves.  That is ludicrous.   That serves only to drive one further into their own depravity.  They become a slave to their own wants and desires.  Then mistake their chains for freedom.  

Once fully immersed in their self, so fully enslaved to pursuing their hearts desire they wonder why they're so depressed and void of happiness.  The answer to our existence is not our existence.   We feel empty because we are incomplete.   We can never fill that void by chasing the distractions within the void itself.

And since when is the human heart anything,  but evil?  We see a history of violence and debauchery and recoil at it, but when we reflect on our own we mistake it for something other than what we have seen before in others.  It's not hypocrisy it's blindness.

So, to put it another way is that our life is not life, our liberty is slavery, and our pursuit of happiness is the void in which we lose our life and liberty.  But I am not writing this to depress or convict you.  I am writing this to tell you that there is more.  We are the children of an all-loving, all-powerful, and all-just God.  He is our Answer.  He is the True Life, Liberty, and the End Goal in our pursuit of happiness.  A jar of clay can not find purpose within itself, but only in the purpose it's creator made it for.
Don't confuse your own will with that which God created you for.   Does the potter ask the clay what it wants to be?  Or to put it in a more modern way, does a table make a good tv?  We have a habit of telling God too many times that the evil in our hearts is what would make us happy.   He gives us what we want then point the finger at Him in accusation when we are left empty still.  How about we instead ask Him what our purpose is?  What His will is for our lives?

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