Saturday, January 16, 2016

An introduction and 2 stellar reviews. :P

Cons Reality.  A place where I can post my Conservative and Judeo-Christian view on reality. It also gives any progressive an easy play on words insult.  "More like Conned Reality!" "You, sir, are the one who cons reality!".  I am also making this so that I can get my thoughts out and not keep bottling them up inside.  Sometimes I will review or suggest books, go over thoughts on certain topics,  give an overview of an article I read which the link will be provided for further or more complete reading thereof, and other times I may just rant about something that has crossed my mind, or just go all fanboy about something I like (anime!!).

So, to get down to business I will talk briefly about 2 books I have read recently.  The first book I would like to talk about is "Signature in the Cell" by Stephen C. Meyer.

A fairly interesting book that takes you through the world of microbiology and DNA. It has been insulted, criticized as being non-science, and the center of much controversy.  The sin it committed? It questions the claim of Darwinists that unguided evolution is settled science  (whatever settled science means).  It presents both sides of the argument rather fairly and completely, if not a little biased towards his own argument and I would like to meet the person who is not guilty of that.  Unfortunately, not many critical reviews have been written about the book or arguments written within that can be described as anything other than name calling condescension.  Sorry folks,  that is not an argument and seems rather like they are merely trying to change focus or conning people to stop criticizing the faults in unguided evolution or be at risk of being made fun of: bullied.  That is not to say there isn't a credible and authentic attempt at refutation of his arguments based on the mysterious origination of information in the cell. To find out more I suggest reading the book.  It can get rather dry and technical in some areas, but power through it and you may begin to understand what some of the technical stuff means and come out of the experience with a whole new appreciation for ID, evolution, the biologist profession, and of course our All Powerful Creator Who Created all things through Christ, our Savior.

The other book is titled "Beware the Night" by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool. Frightening is an understatement as a description of this book.   It's true stories of hauntings, possession, and exorcism encountered by Ralph while doing what he refers to as "the Work".  Read in the day with the lights on people, trust me on this.  It's a book with a lot of warnings meant to be heeded.  The book is heavily written from a tough New York cop, Roman Catholic point of view so, there is a fair amount of cussing and Holy Mothers throughout, but looking past that it is a very enlightening look into the world of exorcists.  This book will scare the hell out of you  (pun intended) and leave you wanting more, but while the book is meant to entertain to a certain extent it is meant above all else as a warning to people to stay clear of the esoteric because you never know who or what is itching to respond.  But it is NEVER good.  He tries to be ecumenical, but I don't think that it's needed.  Catholics, Protestants, and non-denominational types (shout out to my peeps!)  will find the book hauntingly spellbinding  (last pun, I swear) without the brief attempts at peaceful gestures towards one another sparsely placed throughout the book.  Ralph, I know, understand, and acknowledge your Roman Catholicism, it's okay, I don't hold it against you!  Not to mention 90% of the book is very in your face about it!

Two great books.  "Signature" took me longer to read than I would ever admit to, but "Beware" took me about a week (I took a couple 1-2 day breaks because of the fear it invoked).  I read them both at the same time  (about halfway through "Signature" I started and finished the other).  I highly suggest reading them both.  I really wish I had someone to discuss these things with,  but for now I speak to a wall listening to my own echo.

No intention of copyright infringement was contained herein. So, if I unintentionally infringed upon any such rights I offer my heartfelt apologies and beg your forgiveness.  If anything herein is found to be offensive then by all means write me a little letter, stick it in an envelope, put a nice forever stamp in the corner, fold the envelope into a nice little square, dip it in some petroleum jelly, and shove it right up your... (hat tip  to "Let's go to Prison" ;))

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