Thursday, January 21, 2016

Update on what is going on.

So, I am currently researching and writing a blog that is taking more time than I thought would take.  So, just to keep this blog active I am writing a little bit about random stuff.

One thing this site has is a little tracker of page views.  It tells me what website the view originated from and what country the viewer lives in. It's official. My blog is international!  I got a visitor from Mexico!  Sadly, he didn't write a comment, but if you happen to check back you are welcome to stay or write a comment,  sir or ma'am.

Also, if I stay active with this blog I will qualify to make money with this site!  Obviously I don't expect to make any kind of living off it, but a couple of dollars a month is still money in my pocket.

So, I have a blog being researched and written. Actually two, but the other is still a bit more down the road.  So, to my couple random visitors: I am working on a post.  Wait patiently and until then enjoy this video.

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